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Cardiovascular risk factors

Insulin-dependent diabetes
The insulin-dependent diabetes corresponds to an insulin deficiency, the consequence of the destruction of some pancreas cells by an immunological process. The consequence of this insulin deficiency results in an elevation of the sugar rate in blood... More

Non insulin dependent diabetes
The non insulin dependent diabetes is defined by an elevated rate of sugar in blood, whose lowering does not require any artificial insulin administration... More

Increase of the lipids rate in blood... More

High blood pressure / Hypertension (HPB)
HBP constitutes a factor of major cardiovascular risk in the world. The organs damaged by a HBP (“targets organs”) are the arteries, the heart, the brain and the kidney... More

Obesity is a state characterized by an absolute and relative excess of the reserves fat stocked in the adipose tissue... More

There is no longer any doubt for the physicians or the general public that tobacco represents a factor of very important cardiovascular risk. Numerous medical studies brought the ill effects of tobacco into the light of day very numerous years ago... More


The coronarography, literally meaning the “x-ray of the coronary arteries”, is an exam requiring to puncture an artery of a member in order to introduce a hose through which a product impervious to X-rays will be injected, directly into the coronary arteries. More

More informations about high blood pressure : How to measure it, what to do in case of hypertension...
Visit the Blood Pressure & Hypertension web site.

Informations on Heart & Vessels are only given by doctors who are specialized in cardiology.

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