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Cardiac surgery

The patient's preparation before the cardiac surgery
The day before surgery, a shower must be taken with painting with an antiseptic product solution. To spend a good night, a hypnotic drug or an anxiolytic drug can be prescribed (benzodiazepine)... More

Coronary surgery : The bypass surgery
The achievement of a bypass surgery aims at bringing blood and oxygen to the heart muscle by building a “bridge” through a healthy artery, which will thus pass above the blocked artery and assure a normal blood flow downstream the blocked area... More

Cardiac transplantation
The main indication is represented by the irreversible cardiac insufficiency, very bothersome from a functional point of view (occurrence of a very important shortening of breath, of an extreme fatigue) and resisting any medical treatment... More

The different stages of the cardiac surgery
These different stages are: opening, starting up of the extra corporeal circulation (ECC), surgery in itself (the surgical gesture), stoppage of the extra corporeal circulation and closing... More

Valvular surgery
The valvular surgery has been considerably progressing because of the progresses achieved in the extra corporeal circulation field and the existence of better quality equipments... More

Surveillance of the valvular protheses
The implantation of a valvular prosthesis, whatever mechanical or biologic-type, exposes to some complications that should be well known... More


The coronarography, literally meaning the “x-ray of the coronary arteries”, is an exam requiring to puncture an artery of a member in order to introduce a hose through which a product impervious to X-rays will be injected, directly into the coronary arteries. More

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Informations on Heart & Vessels are only given by doctors who are specialized in cardiology.

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