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About Us

Heart & Vessels has been written by Dr P. Laurent, Cardiologist, MD, PhD, upon his medical experience of internal medicine and cardiology.

Initially, he wanted to share medical information about cardiology and wrote this site while he was practicing cardiology in a French hospital. So, Heart & Vessels is not back up by a pharmaceutical company and there is no conflict of interest. This point is essential to protect the independence of heart-vessels.com.

Interested by medical research in vascular disease and high blood pressure, Dr P. Laurent has also passed his PhD in Paris and continues to publish some papers.

Here are some articles and posters published by Dr P. Laurent since 1995 :

(click on links to see the abstract) :

- Assessment of arterial distensibility by automatic pulse wave velocity measurement. Validation and clinical application studies. Hypertension, 1995. 26:485-490.

- Low molecular weight heparins : a guide to their optimum use in pregnancy. Drugs, 2002. 62:463-477.

- Influence of L-NAME, acetylcholine and adenosine on mean blood pressure, pulse pressure and pulse pressure amplification in rats. Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology, 2003. 41:210-8.

- Heart rate and pulse pressure amplification in hypertensive subjects. American Journal of Hypertension, 2003. May;16(5):363-70.

- Gender influence on the relation between heart rate and aortic stiffness. Journal of Hypertension, 2003. 21:555-562

- Pulse pressure and arterial stiffness in rats: comparison with humans. American Journal of Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology, 2003. 285(4):H1363-9.

Oral communications :

Laurent P, Marenco P, Castagna O, Carlioz R, Menu JP, Safar M. Pulse pressure amplification and physical activity. Journal of Hypertension 2005, 23 (2) : S 262 (Milano, Italy, June 2005).

Posters (Published during international congress) :

Laurent P, Topouchian J, Asmar R. Evaluation of aortic stiffness in a youth population. American Journal of Hypertension 1996 ; 9 (4) : 60 A.

Maldonado J, Benetos A, Topouchian J, Laurent P, Raison J, Providencia LA, Safar M, Asmar R. Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in normotensive and hypertensive obese subjects. American Journal of Hypertension 1996 ; 9 (4) : 118 A.

Laurent P, Jego C, Bonal J, Dussarat GV, Asmar R. Aortic distensibility and treatment with angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor in spontaneous hypertensive rats. Journal of hypertension 2001; 19 (supp 2): S116.

Laurent P, Laurent H, Hanon O, Iaria P, Girerd X. Influence of the treatment of high blood pressure on sexual activity. An internet evaluation study. Journal of Hypertension 2001; 19 (supp 2): S80.

Laurent P, Rudnichi A, Blacher J, Levy B, Safar ME. Pulse pressure amplification in rats and effect of nitric oxide synthase inhibition. Journal of Hypertension 2002, 20 (suppl 4): S212

Laurent P, Blacher J, Rudnichi A, Smulyan H, Safar ME. Heart rate and pulse pressure amplification in hypertensive subjects. Journal of Hypertension 2002, 20 (suppl 4): S212

Girerd X, Fauvel JP, Babici D, Laurent P, Hanon O, Dimitrov Y, Pierre-Justin E, Marquand A, Denolle T. What is the best strategy to achieve blood pressure goal: sequential monotherapy or fixed combination therapy? Journal of Hypertension 2002, 20 (suppl 4): S243

Laurent P, Dussarat G.V, Mounier-Vehier C, Dimitrov Y, Laurent H, Marquand A, Girerd X. World wide web and patients : profile of the patients connected on to the web and validation of medical survey. Journal of Hypertension 2003; 21: S174

Laurent P, Laurent H, Dussarat G.V, Ader C, Girerd X. Epidemiologic approach of patients using a blood pressure self measurement device: an internet evaluation study. Journal of Hypertension 2003; 21: S238

Laurent P, Laurent H, Ader C, Girerd X. Evaluation of the knowledge and management of high blood pressure in an hypertensive population: an internet evaluation study. Journal of Hypertension 2003; 21: S174

Girerd X, Fauvel JP, Denolle Th, Covillard J, Fourcade J, Marquand A, Laurent P, Hanon O. Comparison between two ways to apply "ABCD" strategy to control blood pressure in previously untreated hypertensive patients. Journal of Hypertension 2003; 21: S176

File last modified on june 30, 2006


The coronarography, literally meaning the “x-ray of the coronary arteries”, is an exam requiring to puncture an artery of a member in order to introduce a hose through which a product impervious to X-rays will be injected, directly into the coronary arteries. More

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