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Obesity is a state characterized by an absolute and relative excess of the reserves fat stocked in the adipose tissue.

The fat mass is normally present in the organism in reasonable quantity, proportional to the height. The exact measure of the fat mass is very difficult, therefore, an obesity corresponds more often to an overweight. It is a cardiovascular risk factor. More


The aortic dissection
Scan picture of the endoprosthesis.

Welcome to Heart & Vessels

Dear Readers,

As we all know, heart diseases are very frequent in certain parts of the world, and unfortunately responsible for a significant number of deaths. These diseases are however relatively complex, and generally misunderstood by patients, which after much debate, inspired me to produce this site. Nevertheless, I must just add that it does not replace medical management of cardiovascular diseases by a cardiologist or a general practitioner.

This site, written up by several cardiologists, aims at sharing the knowledge we have of cardiovascular diseases, with patients affected by them, their family, as well as the general public who are interested in the subject.

You will therefore find a wide range of information relating to the many exisitng cardiovascular diseases and heart surgery, along with the cardiovascular risk factors.

We hope that this information will be useful to you all, and help in your understanding of cardiovascular diseases.

Yours sincerely,

Medical Manager
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The coronarography, literally meaning the “x-ray of the coronary arteries”, is an exam requiring to puncture an artery of a member in order to introduce a hose through which a product impervious to X-rays will be injected, directly into the coronary arteries. More

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Informations on Heart & Vessels are only given by doctors who are specialized in cardiology.

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